The Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Anyone can claim to be the best personal injury lawyer in Chatham, especially with the gift of anonymity that the internet provides. However, it is important before choosing to do some due diligence. Those who do not know how to go about this should benefit from the following question suggestions.

Contingency fee

Ask the prospective lawyer about their contingency fees since many personal injury fees are based on this amount. What this essentially means is that there will be no legal fees unless there is some sort of monetary recovery. If the injury case has merit, then there will be a lawyer willing to take it under these conditions. These fees are normally negotiable and range between 25 and 40 percent. Often, the stronger the case and the bigger the potential for damages and settlement, the bigger the fee becomes.


Apart from this contingency fee, many personal injury lawyers in Chatham will charge costs advanced, which could be substantial and are normally deducted from the client’s share of the settlement. The question to ask here is whether the client will still be responsible for these advanced costs if there is a loss. Make sure there is an assurance that even in the event that the case is unsuccessful, there will be no out of pocket expenses.


The possibility of huge payouts mean lawyers are normally hungry for such cases. Do not simply assume from their colorful and attractive ads that they have been doing this for a while and therefore are the best. Ask them to provide specifics on whether they have tried such cases before, and if so, how many and what were the outcomes? If possible, have them arrange calls with past clients and ask them about their experiences.


In every industry, there are big names. But be careful when choosing these individuals to handle cases. Ask the prospective lawyer whether they will have the time to work on the case. Lawyers like to sign up clients, sit on their cases while concentrating on signing up even more clients. Choose only the firm or personal injury lawyer in Chatham that will devote their time and resources to the case. Choose a lawyer that will be available for questions, one who return calls and offer useful information and updates throughout the duration of the case. Any delays in such cases might cause the individual money they are entitled to, or end up harming their case.

When to Hire an Accident Lawyer

For the first timer, one might be at a loss whether or not to hire car accident lawyers in Sarnia. Technically, one can file a claim by themselves. Some choose this route after conducting enough research since they feel confident in their ability to get results. However, nothing beats the knowledge and experience of a good lawyer. Using a good lawyer is especially important considering just how good insurance lawyers are in reducing claims. Hiring lawyers is the best option for those that have;

– Extensive injuries

– Expensive medical bills as a result of these injuries

– Experienced a significant loss in wages or earning potential after the injury

Why hire an accident attorney

Car accident lawyers in Sarnia can help in situations where one suffers severe personal injuries. The severity of the injuries is measured by the type of injuries sustained, the length of time it takes to recover and the cost of the medical bills incurred in the recovery process. If the injury is classified long term, one that takes longer than a year to recover from, the attorney will be tasked with proving it, which surprisingly can be a tricky thing.


Sometimes, especially in cases where the victim chooses to go it alone, parties in the case can dispute the claims laid. Disputes normally center on matters of liability and whose fault it was, as well as the amount of proof to have them liable. With the help of a good accident attorney, one look for and provide proof that the other party was truly at fault.

Refusal to pay

Disputed liability can result in a refusal to pay, but this is not necessarily the case. Sometimes, refusal to pay is just the outright refusal to pay, when the other party either completely refuses or will not make a full payment at all. Whatever the case, a stalemate like this is best handled by experienced car accident lawyers in Sarnia. Wondering just what to do after an accident? Are any of these situations happening in the case? Then perhaps it might be time to change strategy. Stop going it alone and bring in the big guns. Go for that experienced and reputable lawyer and have them take
over the case. Accident claims can be an emotional roller coaster, especially for one who has never been in such a scenario. It is very easy for one to take be taken advantage of during their most vulnerable. It might be best if the experts are allowed to handle it.

The Secrets of Choosing the Best Lawyer

When faced with decisions with potential legal implications, the search for a lawyer becomes an urgent priority. It can be a daunting task especially for someone who has never needed a lawyer before. Often, the fact that there is a lawyer involved does not necessarily mean trouble. The following are some of the steps to follow when one finds that they are in need of legal advice or help.

Choose the right lawyer

There are many types of lawyers in the business, including those that tend to specialize in general cases. Go for the ones that focus on the specific area where the problem lies. Choose an Injury Lawyer in Sarnia, for instance, will be best placed to deal with those injury compensation cases.

Go local

After determining just where to go, the next step is normally finding the best in the business, and this is where the bulk of the job lies. Clients should look at listings, both in the physical yellow pages and online. Priority should be given to local practitioners because they know their way around the local courts and understand the judges, which might be helpful. They are also easy to reach in case situations arise. Searching these indices, even with the locality criteria can still bring multiple hits which make it all the more difficult to choose. Referrals come in handy in situations like this. A useful source of referrals is one’s employer, and this should be when the case does not involve them. They most likely have a better professional judgment or know people who have used
lawyers before and can recommend a good option. Friends and relatives can also chip in with ideas. Reputations also matter, and these are built by winning important cases. With a proven track record of results and success, the client goes in with confidence of being in the right hands.

Shop around

When seeking the right accident lawyer in Sarnia, it is advisable to interview at least three candidates before settling on the final answer. The questions they should be asked include their experience and level of education, and contact information of clients they have worked with before. Clients must not be afraid to contact these former clients and ask about their service delivery. An initial meeting should be used to gauge their willingness to work on the case, their familiarity with matters about the case and the ability to build a working relationship. Of course the budget will also be a factor. Ideally, one should go for the cheapest option, but cheap is not always the best. In order to get the best advice, one must be willing to invest in the right personnel. The best Injury lawyer in Sarnia will always be forthcoming about their charges and will not have their clients pay any hidden charges.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer: The Factors to Consider

The period immediately after an accident happens can be a very frustrating and painful time. Most of the time, choosing the right accident or personal injury lawyer is key to obtaining the compensations one is entitled to. Here are some important tips that might help;


In every service industry, the experience of the service provider is important. Do not under-estimate the value of the experience of a lawyer when it comes to the assessment and investigation of an accident claim. Hiring an experienced accident lawyer means an investment in someone who knows what they are doing, what to look for, and where to find it. An experienced accident lawyer will know just what will make a difference to the case. For instance, the laws differed from one state to the next. An experienced accident lawyer in Chatham, for instance, will know the specific laws related to negligence and assumption to risk as relevant to the case.


Any accident lawyer in Chatham that comes with a strong reputation is definitely skilled. But the power of reputation goes further than skills. From their reputation, the accident lawyer offers added value which is not only significant to the plaintiff but also to the defendant and the judge. Majority of such personal injury cases are settled outside the court. A lawyer’s reputation can be helpful in negotiations.


This is an important yet frequently overlooked attribute. The relationship between a lawyer and their client has both formal and slightly informal dimensions. While one will not be discussing this case every day, it is important to have an attorney with whom a rapport can be struck. Choose an attorney who will be available for questions, one who will return calls within a reasonable period.


The focus of an accident lawyer can make or break a case. Any accident lawyer in Chatham will likely have at least the basic skills and knowledge required to deal with negligence and causation matters. What sets the passable from the best is the amount of focus they put in a case. This is why many prefer dealing with a law firm that will have enough leeway to provide one with an attorney dedicated to that single case. Choose an attorney that specializes in similar cases, and ho has a track record dealing with accident cases.

Hiring an accident lawyer to help with the lawsuit or insurance claims can be tedious. Do not rush through the process, though. Take as much time as possible to find the best option.