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Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents happen every day as the result of the actions of careless and negligent motorists. All to often it is an innocent motorist, pedestrian or cyclist that pays the price for this carelessness in the form of a serious personal injury. The laws governing claims arising from a car accident are complex and you need the experience of the experienced Car Accident Lawyers at Paciocco& Mellow to make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to. Paciocco& Mellow are also Motorcycle Accident Lawyers and Truck Accident Lawyers.

Following any car accident, it is important to remain calm and behave in a reasonable manner. You may rightly be very upset at the other driver following the accident, but it will not help your case to yell at them or use profanity. Remember that witnesses are more likely to come forward and aid a person who behaves in a calm and reasonable manner than a person who is yelling and behaving in an aggressive manner. You should immediately contact the local police department to report the accident and have a Motor Vehicle Accident Report completed. You should also take down the information of the other driver(s) involved in the accident, including their name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number, license plate number, the make and model of their vehicle, the name of their insurance company and their policy number. If they refuse to provide you with this information, do not a press the matter. Allow the police to deal with them. You should, however, take down their license plate number, a description of the driver and the vehicle, in case the other driver flees the scene before the police arrive.

If you believe that you have been injured in the accident, you should request that an ambulance attend at the scene. Often the presence of serious injuries can be masked by the adrenalin and shock following the accident. It is important that you receive a through medical examination as soon as possible after the accident. If you choose not to have an ambulance attend at the scene, you should attend at the office of your family doctor, a walk-in clinic or the emergency room of your local hospital as soon as possible after the investigating police officer releases you from the accident scene.

After you have received medical treatment, you should contact your own auto insurance company to report the claim and complete an application for accident benefits. The Car Accident Lawyers at Paciocco& Mellow are available to assist you should you have any questions regarding the process for applying for accident benefits or if you are denied any benefits by your auto insurance company.

Paciocco& Mellow are Windsor Ontario Personal Injury Lawyers, but we also service clients throughout Essex County, Chatham-Kent and Sarnia and Lambton County. We have office space available to meet with clients in Chatham and Sarnia. We are also available to meet with you at your hospital room, your home or another convenient location for you. Paciocco& Mellow are the Car Accident Lawyers for you.