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Car Insurance is Not an Option for Drivers in Canada

Car insurance is something that every car owner should have. In many places it is not something that is mandatory, but in Canada, having car insurance is mandatory by the law. According to the law, every driver should have third party liability insurance. For the entire country, the minimum amount of insurance is $200,000 but in Quebec is $50,000. Moreover, for every territory and province in Canada, other than Labrador and Newfoundland, insurance coverage is a must in case of any car accident to take care of their income loss and any medical expenses.

Types of insurance for cars in Canada

·         Third Party Liability: This particular type of insurance is very important and a must for any driver in Canada. What this does is if any driver is involved in a car accident and causes damage to himself or a third party, then the insurance company gives a certain amount of money that covers these expenses.

· Collision insurance: If the driver is involved in an accident which happened due to their own fault, and his or her own car is damaged, the company pays for the damages.

· Comprehensive insurance: This protects the car owner from any vandalism or theft and also takes care of third part liability and collisions.

How to get the best car insurance in Sarnia, Ontario

It is very important to have a sound car insurance policy and keep oneself prepared for any car accident or any other car related emergencies. There are a number of companies who provide agents who can give the best information on the kinds of insurance and the companies that offer them. They are located all over the city and provide the best help. One can also research on the insurance companies and contact them directly.

Some ways to save money

· Not using brokers or agents and directly contacting the insurance company can save some amount of money.

· Senior citizens get some discounts. So it is sometimes wise to get the insurance in the name of a senior citizen.

· Members of professional organizations get some discounts from the insurance companies.

· If someone plans to get insurance for two or more assets like maybe home and car, then some companies give some discount on bulk insurance.

· If a person has an old car, he/she can opt for a minimum coverage value.

· Some insurance companies gives options to reduce the premium based on the driving profile of a person. It means that the premium depends on the distance and frequency of drives.

· Sometimes the existing policy does not cover rental cars. In that case, one can extend their policies as a driver and pay $20-30 for each year.

If the driving performance is good, every third year, the previous tickets are moved away from the insurance history list. This in turn brings down the amount of premium given.