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Areas of Practice

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death occurs when someone dies as a result of the negligent act, trauma, omission, breach of contract, or warranty of another. Losing a loved one is devastating. In the event that you were also financially dependent on that loved one, the emotional burden develops into a financial burden as well. Family members of the deceased […]

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Medical Malpractice

Whenever health care providers, such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, chiropractors, physiotherapists or any other medical specialist fall below the standard of reasonable conduct when treating or caring for patients, it is known as Medical Malpractice. Medical Malpractice has consequences for individual patients and their family members.

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Sport Injury Lawyers

Given the rising number of sporting injuries today, most organizations and leagues carry sports insurance. It is not uncommon to see claims as between referees, players, and any of the aforementioned parties versus the organization. When any of these parties do not have insurance, any of them may become personally liable depending on the facts.

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Snowmobile injury lawyers

While Paciocco& Mellow is based in Windsor, Ontario, we represent clients throughout Southwestern Ontario. We are available to meet with you in Chatham and Sarnia, in addition to our Windsor office. We are also available to meet with you at your home, or your hospital room, if you prefer. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request to accommodate your schedule.

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Dog Bites Injury Lawyers

In Ontario, dog bites or attacks are governed by the Dog Owners’ Liability Act. The Act makes the “owner” of a dog liable for all damages resulting from a dog bite or dog attack on a person or another domestic animal. It is not necessary for the dog to bite and break the skin before an action can be commenced. If you have been injured as the result of a dog scratch, being jumped on or knocked down by a dog, or even tripping and falling as the result of an attack by a dog, the Act may apply and you may have a claim against the owner of the dog. The Dog Bites Injury Lawyers of Paciocco& Mellow can review the law with you and tell you whether or not you have a claim.

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Windsor Ontario injury lawyers

The Windsor Ontario Injury Lawyers at Paciocco& Mellow are available to explain the type and amount of damages that you might expect if you proceed with a lawsuit. The initial consultation with one of our experienced lawyers is free of charge. If you need Car Accident Lawyers, Dog Bites Injury Lawyers, Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers Windsor or any other type of injury lawyer, please contact Paciocco& Mellow at (519) 915-SORE(7673) to arrange a free initial consultation.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Windsor Ontario

Motor vehicle accidents involving trucks can result in especially severe personal injuries. The lawyers at Paciocco& Mellow are Truck Accident Lawyers. Paciocco& Mellow, Personal Injury Lawyers Windsor Ontario, is available to assist you in putting your life together following a truck accident.

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Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers Windsor

The experienced Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers Windsor of Paciocco& Mellow are available to meet with you and tell you whether you have a claim as a result of your fall. Falls can happen as the result of snow or ice, water, rough surfaces, debris being left on the ground, objects placed on the ground, holes in the ground to name a few. Falls can occur while playing sports if the sports field is not properly maintained. Paciocco& Mellow are Sports Injury Lawyers.

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Insurance Claims lawyers

Insurance companies have a duty at law to put the interest of their clients on an equal footing to their own interests. This is known as a duty to act in good faith. However, it is all too common that the insurance company will put its own financial interest ahead of that of its customer. You need an experience Insurance Claims Lawyers, such as those at Paciocco& Mellow, on your side to make sure you are treated fairly. We are available to help you with all types of insurance claims, including those arising from car accidents, disability insurance and home owner’s or renter’s polices.

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