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Finding a Trusted Personal Injury Lawyer in Sarnia

The time right after you’ve been injured in an accident or slip and fall often can be a stressful and confusing time. First off, you must be sure that you look after your health. However, when you’re ready, you may start to think about pursuing a personal injury case for your injuries. Below include some frequently asked questions by our personal injury lawyer in Sarnia about the initial steps to take in a personal injury case.

If hurt in an accident, our personal injury lawyer in Sarnia explains what to do first

As aforementioned, the first step you should always take after being hurt in an accident is to look after your health. But, if you’ve already done this, there are numerous measures to take which will help to preserve your rights to file a personal injury claim. The following steps are valid in many situations and there isn’t any “right” order to take.

  • Gather proof that may point to who caused the incident, and the damage that was caused by the accident. Photos are helpful here.
  • Jot down all things that occurred to you following the accident. It might involve things such as hospital visits, medical bills, any lost wages or work, etc.
  • Make certain that you obtain the contact information and names of any witnesses which might’ve observed the accident. Call these individuals to confirm their contact details.
  • If you talk with other individuals which were involved within the accident, make certain that you take notes about the conversation.
  • Tell anybody which you might file suit against that you’re prepared to file a claim for your property damage and injuries.

How long do you have to notify an individual that I’m filing a claim for the personal injury?

If you’re prepared to file suit against a person or some other entity which isn’t a government agency or the government, there isn’t a set time limitation where you must notify that individual of your intention to file a suit. But, this doesn’t mean you ought to take your time with the matter. By efficiently and quickly acting, you’ll potentially increase your odds of resolving the claim quicker than if you delay.

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