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Insurance Claims lawyers

If you find yourself in a dispute with your insurance company, contact the Insurance Claims Lawyers at Paciocco& Mellow. We will fight to make sure your insurance company pays you all the benefits to which you are entitled. After all, you have kept your end of the bargain by paying the insurance company your insurance premium, and it is only fair that they keep their end of the bargain by paying you the agreed upon benefits.

Insurance companies have a duty at law to put the interest of their clients on an equal footing to their own interests. This is known as a duty to act in good faith. However, it is all too common that the insurance company will put its own financial interest ahead of that of its customer. You need an experience Insurance Claims Lawyers, such as those at Paciocco& Mellow, on your side to make sure you are treated fairly. We are available to help you with all types of insurance claims, including those arising from car accidents, disability insurance and home owner’s or renter’s polices.

Before you sign off on the settlement of any insurance claim, you should have the settlement reviewed by the Insurance Claims Lawyers at Paciocco& Mellow. Remember, even if the insurance company representative that you have dealt with has been very pleasant and helpful, he or she may have factors other than your best interest, weighing on him or her when making a decision about your claim. Our lawyers only job is to make sure you get all the benefits that you are entitled to under your insurance policy.

The Car Accident Lawyers at Paciocco& Mellow are well versed in the laws surrounding claims under auto insurance policies. If you have been involved in a car accident and find yourself in a dispute with your car insurance company, we are available to help you. The Windsor Personal Injury Lawyers of Paciocco and Mellow do not only handle lawsuits against the person or persons who caused the car accident, we also handle all types of insurance disputes that may arise as the result of an injury in a car accident, including Statutory Accident Benefits and disability claims.

The Personal Injury Lawyers Windsor Ontario of Paciocco& Mellow handle cases across Southwestern Ontario, including Windsor, Chatham, Sarnia and surrounding areas. We offer flexible appointment times, including evening and weekend appoints. We are available to meet with you at your home or hospital room. Please call us today at (519) 915-SORE(7673) to book you free initial consultation with one of our experienced injury lawyers.