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Insurance Claims

Handwritten Insurance Claim Form with pen and calculatorIn our modern world, insurance is available to cover almost any imaginable risk. Insurance companies collect billions of dollars in insurance premiums each year, but when a claim is made, they can be reluctant to pay out on those policies. Insurance policies can cover your home, business, car, truck, motorcycle or boat.

If you have suffered a loss for which you have an insurance policy and your insurance company is denying your claim, the experienced lawyers at Paciocco & Mellow are available to help you. There are time limitations which limit the time which you have to make an insurance claim. It is important that you contact an experienced lawyer, such as the lawyers at Paciocco & Mellow, as soon as possible following the denial of your insurance claim or any difficulty with your insurance company. The experienced lawyers at Paciocco & Mellow are available to meet with you at the time and location which is most convenient for you to explain the options which you have regarding your insurance claims. The initial consultation with our experienced personal injury lawyers is free of charge and without obligation. Please call (519) 915-7673 to speak with one of the experienced lawyers at Paciocco & Mellow today.