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Ontario Provincial Police Begging Drivers to Change Driving Behaviours

OPP Commissioner, Chris Lewis has been critical of how Ontario drivers have been driving this winter. The OPP commissioner has put out a call for poor behaviour on the road to stop. 

Ontario has been hit with one of the worst winters in recent history and drivers have to adjust their driving habits in order to avoid collisions. 

Over the past couple of weeks, eleven OPP cruisers were struck by passing motorists and one officer was seriously injured. 

The OPP has responded to thousands of calls for service during various storms that have stuck Ontario this winter. 

The OPP acknowledges that harsh winter weather has made for very treacherous driving conditions but states that it is the drivers who fail to adjust their driving to the weather/driving conditions who are most likely to be involved in collisions.  

Most of the collisions occur as a result of drivers losing control of their vehicles because they failed to slow down when they needed to, or they ignored warnings to avoid non-essential travel.  The OPP refers to this as irresponsible driving. 

It is very important to be visible if you are driving during a storm, which means driving with your full set of headlights on. If there is heavy snowfall or blowing snow, it is difficult to see a vehicle without its lights on. 

If you are caught driving in dangerous weather, it is not enough to slow down below the speed limit, slowing down means slowing all the way down – it is how to maintain control of your vehicle. 

A series motor vehicle accident can be devastating. It can cause serious injuries including traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries, fractures, broken bones, spinal cord injuries and psychological injuries. 

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