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Settling For the Best Accident Lawyer

It can be challenging choosing an accident lawyer in Chatham. There are several accident lawyers out there, some advertise while others do not. Some work out of their homes while others in high-rise buildings. They seem to be everywhere. When you have been in an accident, it is imperative to use the best lawyer for your type of case.

Finding a Trustworthy Lawyer

You need a lawyer who you can have total confidence in. You do not want a lawyer that you’re always second guessing. A great way to find an accident lawyer in Chatham that is both accountable and trustworthy is by using your existing network. By reading an advertisement for a lawyer, you can find out what type of cases they handle. However, do not use the advertisement only to base your decision.

Using Your Network to Find a Lawyer

If you have used a lawyer in the past for a civil dispute, divorce, or any other civil matter, contact that lawyer for a referral. If you had a good relationship and had confidence in them, they will likely refer you to a lawyer with the same values. Ask family and friends if they ever used an accident lawyer in Chatham. If so, was their experience a positive one? If they answered yes, consider using them for your case. However, if your family and friends never used a lawyer for an accident, but have for another legal matter, ask if they could contact them for a referral to an accident lawyer.

Lawyers Experience

An accident lawyer may have several years’ experience or only a few. A lawyer who has been practicing law for many years may have a heavy caseload and be unable to give time your case needs. On the other hand, because of the many years of experience, the lawyer may know several claim adjusters from numerous insurance companies. They might have a good working relationship with the adjusters. Or the accident lawyer may have a reputation for not settling cases which have offered too low. He may be known as a tough litigator that insurance companies would rather not fight. A new accident lawyer might be looking for some cases. They may be eager to accept new clients to build their practice. Because they do not have many cases, this would give them more time to spend on your case. In addition, they would likely be more willing to take smaller cases because of their lighter caseload.

Initial Consultation

Choosing an accident lawyer in Chatham becomes personal during the initial consultation. Recommendations and advertisements are helpful, but your own personal experience is what you will have to rely on. You need to have confidence in the lawyer and their ability to represent your best interests. A relationship between a lawyer and client can last for months, sometimes years. After an honest consultation, you will know if this lawyer is right for you from your own experience.