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Sport Injury Lawyers

Sports are a tremendous source of exercise, discipline, and team work, which skills are critical to our well being.  Sports may also be the means for many students to attain higher levels of education through scholarship. Unfortunately, most participants in sports know that sustaining an injury is common. Whether you are a professional athlete or just an amateur playing a recreational sport for leisure or somewhere in between, the consequences of an injury can be devastating.

Some common sport injuries are:

Fractured bones;
Soft tissue injury;
Brain injury; and
Torn muscles.

Some of the more common sports where the above injuries may occur include:

Snowmobile accidents;
Motor/water sports;
In addition to any other contact or high speed event.

Depending on the cause of these injuries, it is imperative to seek Sport Injury lawyers who you may turn to when determining whether someone else is at fault for your injuries. Sport Injury lawyers will be able to make competitive or recreational league organizers, Municipalities, facility owners, referees or other participants in the sport liable for your injuries depending on the facts or corresponding negligence. Sport Injury lawyers often work on a contingency basis, which usually means that you will not have to pay up front for any legal fees, unless you are successful in winning your case.

Most people are unaware that Truck Accident lawyers, Motorcycle Accident lawyers, and Dog Bites Injury Lawyers, depending on the facts, may also normally work on a contingency basis.
It is quite common for individuals who suffer a severe sports injury to require extensive medical rehabilitation. The costs of this ongoing treatment  (whether it be physiotherapy, chiropractic care, massage, surgery, or any other care) adds up pretty quickly leaving injured parties to pay out of pocket in some cases. Depending on the level of the injured party or athlete, professionals are more likely to incur more medical rehabilitation quicker and longer to get them back to playing with their team.

It is very important to contact Sport Injury lawyers who have dealt with these types of cases before. If an injury is serious enough to keep a victim sidelined for any given period of time, there may be claims for pain and suffering, housekeeping, medical rehabilitation (both presently and into the future) in addition to other heads of damages.

Given the rising number of sporting injuries today, most organizations and leagues carry sports insurance.  It is not uncommon to see claims as between referees, players, and any of the aforementioned parties versus the organization.  When any of these parties do not have insurance, any of them may become personally liable depending on the facts.

Do not wait to contact the experienced Insurance claim lawyers of Paciocco& Mellow to handle your matter today.  Let our team of professionals work for you to help you achieve the rehab and damages that you deserve. The first consultation is free to evaluate whether or not you have a case. If we decide to accept your matter, we will work for you on a contingency basis.