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Technology to Prevent Texting and Driving

Mobile technology is very attractive and very tempting. It is difficult for many to resist the urge to check their text messages or emails while driving, despite distracted driving laws. In Ontario, a driver can penalized for distracted driving and ordered to pay a fine for distracted driving. Even just holding a mobile device without using it is still considered “use of a mobile device” and if a driver is caught in that situation, a ticket can be issued. Recently, Ontario increased the fine for distracted driving to $280. commissioned a survey regarding Canadian’s opinions on distracted driving and the survey results revealed that the majority of Canadians felt that texting and driving should be a criminal offense.

Apple has developed technology to help drivers put down the phone, called CarPlay. CarPlay is an iOS system designed for a vehicle dashboard. It can read text messages out loud, act as a navigation system and mp3 played. It does not allow users to open or compose text messages themselves, instead text messages are read outloud and composed through voice command.

Apple has also revealed that they have filed for a patent for an invention that would disable various cell phone features while driving. The technology is known as “driver handheld computing device lock-out” and the patent submissions can be found here.

The proposed software would be a lock-out mechanism to disable the ability of a handheld device to perform certain functions while a person is driving. The software would include a motion and scenery analyzer. Apple has proposed 3 different scenarios under which the computing device would work and would analyze signals to know when unsafe conditions occur.

Apple explained that the reason for this invention is the fact that texting and driving has become a major concern for the general public and law enforcement. Distracted driving contributes to a large number of yearly traffic incidents, including fatal ones.

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