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The World Cup, Concussions and the Media

Concussions and sports have been juxtaposed in the media for the past few years, with the revelation that repeated concussions and head injures in sports can lead to what is known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a disease whose symptoms mirror dementia. 

With the start of the World Cup, it is another opportunity to spread brain injury awareness, and of course, in Canada, June is National Brain Injury Awareness Month. 

An article posted on The Telegraph last week expressed concerns a British MP had about the media reporting concussions and how soccer players return to play too quickly after concussions. Specifically, the MP is requesting that broadcasters speak to World Cup commentators about “praising players” who return to the field after sustaining what could be a serious concussion. 

The concern is that commenters, by encouraging players to return to the field, are undermining brain injury awareness and education efforts. 

Our firm agrees that sports commentators in general should be aware about the potential dangers and risks associated with concussions and their long term effects. Athletes should understand that they do not need to be ashamed of “sitting one out”, because they are not sure of how serious that bump to the head was. Sports commentators and the media can help the public to become more aware about what concussions are, how they occur and the symptoms. 

Traumatic brain injuries have long lasting effects and need to be taken seriously by athletes, the media, the public and those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. A concussion is considered to be a form of a traumatic brain injury and there are long term dangers associated with ignoring concussions. There is also a condition known as post-concussion syndrome which can occur in some individuals who sustain a concussion and experience prolonged symptoms of headaches and dizziness for example. 

People may not be aware of their rights or obligations after sustaining a personal injury and may feel overwhelmed about the legal process. Personal injury litigation is complex and Paciocco & Mellow represents many persons who have suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of automobile accidents, slip and fall injuries and other types of personal injuries. 

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