What You Need to Know About a Personal Injury Lawyer Chatham

If you’re severely injured in an incident with an Uber driver, deciding what insurance policy will apply, will be an initial measure in your case. Our personal injury lawyer in Chatham will go over the details:

Our personal injury lawyer in Chatham Goes over Uber’s Commercial Policy

Uber, according to their website, maintains a commercial policy that is issued by the James River Insurance Company via its completely owned subsidiary Rasier, which directly contracts with Uber drivers.

This commercial policy will cover liability circumstances as a “Named Operator” accepted a ride and is in-route to pick their passengers up or are transporting the passengers during the time of the collision.

The commercial policy offers coverage up to one million dollars/ incident for property damage or bodily injury to passengers or 3rd parties involved in an auto collision with an Uber driver. The policy, according to Uber additionally offers one million dollars of underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage in order to protect their passengers.

This Uber policy applies as a driver accepted a trip, up to its conclusion, as well as is going to be the primary liability coverage for an Uber driver in the instance of an accident unless an Uber driver has additional commercial coverage.

Uber’s Between Rides Contingent Coverage

Also, Uber will have a contingency policy for circumstances between rides in which a driver is waiting for a ride, yet doesn’t have personal coverage which applies. But, between ride coverage offers a lot less liability coverage than this commercial policy. Liability limitations for between rides Uber policy will be restricted to $50,000/ person/$100,000/ accident with an extra up to $25,000 for property damage.

Drivers Personal Policy

If an Uber driver hasn’t accepted a ride during the time of the auto collision, the personal automobile policy is going to offer liability coverage for collisions caused by an Uber driver. If a driver’s policy lapsed, between rides contingent policy that is forth potentially will kick in.

For those injured when travelling with an Uber driver, the commercial policy provides protection for the negligence of an Uber driver and additionally for circumstances in which an accident is the other motorist’s fault, and a driver has inadequate insurance coverage or no insurance.

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