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Would You Consider Usage Based Insurance?

Insurance companies are always in competition with each other when it comes to offering the best rates. In recent times, insurance companies like Desjardins and The Co-operators have been offering usage based insurance programs to help drivers reduce their insurance premiums. 

The idea is that the insurance company is in essence, sent data about how you drive. Factors like your average speed, how you stop, reaction time, are taken into consideration and if you are “good driver”, you can receive a discount on your insurance. 

More and more people are willing to consider usage based insurance, according to a recent survey conducted by Towers Watson & Co., which revealed that almost 80% of drivers are open to purchasing a usage based policy, especially if insurers guarantee their rates are not going to increase. 

However, nearly half of consumers are still hesitant about the risk of potential higher premiums that could result from usage-based insurance. Another concern is over privacy. Survey respondents indicated concerns that their insurance companies would be receiving data that would allow them to monitor their driving destinations, but there seemed to be a decline in the number of people that are concerned with privacy concerns compared to the past year and a half. 

Another survey, conducted by LexisNexis Risk Solutions revealed that 68% of consumers worried about their insurance companies obtaining too much information. This percentage is less compared to 2013. As consumers are becoming more familiar with what usage based insurance is, they are more likely to perceive it as useful and relevant. 

As a drivers, should we be concerned with insurance companies using this data against us? Can this data possibly be used to explain how a car accident happened or to track what speed we were driving when an accident occurred? How specific is the data that is recorded? Would this data be admissible as evidence, or be used to prove liability in personal injury cases? These are some questions that people might be asking themselves. For now, what we know is that usage based insurance is meant to offer drivers discounts for driving well. 

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