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Wrongful death lawyers

If a family member has died as the result of an accident, you should call the experienced Wrongful death lawyers at Paciocco& Mellow. The death of a close family member as the result of the accident is a devastating loss. It can cause depression and other emotional issues. It can also result in expenses to pay for the loved one’s funeral. Such a death can also cause significant financial hardship for surviving family members. The surviving spouse and children have lost not only the personal care and support of the deceased, but also the financial support. The Wrongful death lawyers at Paciocco& Mellow are available to help you get the compensation you are entitled to from the person or persons who caused the death of your loved one.

The lawyers at Paciocco& Mellow are experienced Car Accident Lawyers, Truck Accident Lawyers and Motorcycle Accident Lawyers. If a loved one has been killed as the result of a car accident, a truck accident or a motorcycle accident, call the Wrongful Death Lawyers of Paciocco& Mellow at (519) 915-SORE(7673).

The death of a family member in an accident is one of the most difficult and painful experiences that a family will ever have to deal with. The initial shock along with the need to make funeral arrangements can leave you feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. Often contact a lawyer is the last thing on your mind at this difficult time, however the decisions that you make in the first days or weeks after the accident can have important legal implications. An experienced wrongful death lawyer can help you understand your rights at this most difficult of times. The lawyers at Paciocco& Mellow will make sure that you are not taken advantage by insurers.

When a family member dies as the result of an accident, there are several sources of compensation that may be available. These include life insurance policies, accident insurance policies, pension benefits, government death benefits and a lawsuit against the person or persons who were the cause of the accident. In the event of an automobile accident, Statutory Accident Benefits also provide a further form of compensation.

Claims advanced in a lawsuit for wrongful death can include a claim on behalf of the deceased person’s estate and claims on behalf of certain family members or persons dependent on the deceased for financial support. The deceased’s estate can claim an amount of the pain and suffering that the deceased experienced as a result of the accident in the time before his or her death. Family members can claim for the loss of the care, guidance and companionship of the deceased, for out of pocket expenses incurred on the deceased’s behalf and for the loss of financial support that they could have expected to receive from the deceased had she or he lived.