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What to Look for When You Need an Accident Lawyer Chatham

Most legal battles are won not because underlying facts of the cases favor the winning party, but because the winner hired the best attorney. It is important that you keep this in mind when you find yourself in a situation whereby you need legal representation. Here is what to look for when you need an accident lawyer Chatham:


Take a lawyer that deals specifically with personal injury and road accident cases. This kind of lawyer has passion for your case type and is likely to put all of his or her energy into the case. Different lawyers are specialized in different areas and can only perform best in those areas in which they have interest. Therefore, instead of going for a lands or corporate lawyer to handle your accident, pick a lawyer that specifically shows interest in accidents.

Track Record

What is the success rate of your preferred lawyer? Instead of just asking about how many years the person has spent in the field, tell them to prove their capability by showing how much they have achieved. Many lawyers use their years of experience to claim that they are the best, yet their performance records show otherwise. On the other hand, an attorney might only have been in the field for two or three years but is achieving way more than other long-serving competitors. Ask the lawyer to point out two or three recent cases, which they won. But don’t rely on word of mouth alone; instead, carry out your own research and see if the said cases ever happened as you’ve been told. With so much information available on the internet today, it is quite easy to find out if your lawyer is lying.


The lawyer that you choose should have a friendly personality, since you will need to interact closely with them throughout the course of your case. Picking a lawyer that is neither empathetic nor open can lead to communication breakdown and cause your case to stall. The best way to know if you are picking a friendly lawyer is by gauging how they interact with their staff and other clients. A good accident lawyer Chatham should maintain good relations with their former clients. If past clients are happy with the person, they will be willing to act as references for him or her. Therefore, ask the lawyer for a list of references and possibly make a follow up call on one or two of the contacts they’ve provided. Another way to know if you are picking the right lawyer is to read reviews about them online. There are plenty of independent review sites from where you can find out about other people’s opinion concerning your preferred lawyer. Sign up with an attorney only if their rating is satisfactory.

Financial capability

While often overlooked by clients, resourcefulness matters a lot, especially if a case requires a lot of research. Look at the weight of your case, and determine if the firm you are handing it over to has adequate staff and equipment to handle it. These things can help you find an accident lawyer in Chatham who will serve you diligently. It makes a big difference in handling your cases when you engage with the right lawyer.