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Why It’s Important To Talk About Brain Injuries

Public awareness about traumatic brain injuries is on the rise. Stories about traumatic brain injuries are prominent in the news. It is not just the public’s understanding of brain injuries but doctors’ understanding of traumatic brain injuries has increased.

First it is important to make a distinction between head injury and brain injury.

A head injury is an injury to the skull. A brain injury can be the result of a head injury. A brain injury causes changes to how the brain functions. The World Health Organization defines acquired brain injuries (ABI), a type of brain injury that is not present at birth. A type of ABI is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) which is a brain injury that occurs as a result of external force.

One exciting development in traumatic brain research is the development of a biomarker that will be able to identify whether someone has sustained a concussion through a blood test. This would be a dramatic departure from the subjective way concussions are currently diagnosed.

A new company called Quantum Institute has developed a mobile brain scan for concussions, with their first product being a brain mapping system, similar to an electroencephalography. An EEG detects electrical activity in the brain and the machine developed by Quantum Institute uses quantitative EEG and computer analysis to determine the precise location of the wave patterns of the scan. This technology has potential to detect a subtle injury like a concussion as typically imaging such as MRIs can detect only more serious brain injuries.

Doctors who have an interest on lowering the risk of sports concussions and long-term head injuries have introduced a technology called Hit-Count. The technology with which Hit Count will use to certify products will be tested using protocol developed by the University of Ottawa’s Neurotruama Impact Laboratory in combination with engineers from partner companies.  Hit Count is a data-driven personal analysis platform backed by Dr. Chris Nowinski of the Sports Legacy Institute, a non-profit organization who partners with other organizations to measure brain trauma in real time using helmets, headbands and mouthguards. Hit Count was designed to establish guidelines to help parents and coaches regulate the “allowance” of brain trauma in children.

New research from a study published in the journal, Pediatrics in January 2014 shows that giving the brain a “rest” after suffering a concussion is actually beneficial. A lack of data with respect to cognitive rest previously led to contradictory advice from medical professionals and varying recommendations for treatment. The general public and those providing care for people with concussions fail to appreciate the strain that cognitive effort puts on the injured brain. The study showed that vigorous cognitive exertion prolongs recovery time.

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