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Windsor Slip and Fall Lawyers

With the temperature outside dropping, the season for slip and fall injuries as a result of snow and ice will some be upon us. Property owners and tenants have a duty to keep their properties in a safe condition. This includes a duty to take steps to clear snow and ice from sidewalks and parking lots on their property. Cities and towns also have a responsibility to keep sidewalks, pathways, streets and parking lots owned by the municipality reasonably safe and free from snow and ice. Unfortunately, not all property owners take reasonable steps to keep their properties free of snow and ice. Slip and fall injuries are the result. The Windsor Slip and Fall Lawyers at Paciocco & Mellow are here to help you if you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident.

 There are a few steps you should take if you have been involved in a slip and fall. If the fall took place at a commercial property, such as a mall or store, you should report the fall to the mall or store manager so that an incident report can be completed. If you are able, you should take some pictures of the area where you fell as soon as you can. A few quick shots taken with your cell phone camera right after the fall showing the snow or ice that you fell on can be a vital in proving that the property owner did not property maintain their property. If you are unable to take pictures due to your injuries, you should ask a friend or family member to do so. If there were any witnesses to your fall, you should take down their names and contact information.

 You should seek medical attention as soon as possible after the accident. Even if you think that your injury is not that severe, you should go to your doctor’s office, a walk-in clinic of the hospital to be checked out. When asked by the medical staff how your injury happened, be sure to tell them where your fall happened and why.

 It is also very important that you speak to a lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. Please give the Windsor Slip and Fall Lawyers at Paciocco & Mellow a call at (519) 915-7673 or toll-free at 1-855-240-7673 as soon as you can. We will provide you with all the information you need about your legal rights and whether you may have a claim for compensation as a result of your accident. Do not wait to call us. In certain cases, such as when a municipality is involved, you may have only days to preserve your right to bring a lawsuit.  Choose the Windsor Slip and Fall Lawyers at Paciocco & Mellow. Protecting the Injured, every single day.