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Winter Is Not Giving Up

After a day of almost too-good to be true weather, Winter weather is coming back.  The Weather Network has advised Ontarians to expect a slow start to Spring, which officially starts next week. 

Winter weather is heading towards Windsor with a cold weather alert and Winter Storm Warning for Wednesday and Thursday. Windsor is expected to receive rain, snow and potentially freezing rain. A total of 15 -25 cm of snow is expected to fall in the Windsor region. 

Drivers will face hazardous conditions, as brisk winds will also cause dangerous driving conditions, creating blowing snow.  Winds are expected to reach up to 60km/hour. 

Blowing snow greatly reduces visibility. Environment Canada is warning that snow will quickly become heavy. 

The wintery weather will be dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians. 

We can offer the following advice for drivers and pedestrians: 

  • Pay attention to your surroundings (always check left-centre-right when stopped at an intersection and before proceeding through an intersection, look out for pedestrians and snow plows)
  • Make yourself visible (drivers keep your lights on and pedestrians wear reflective clothing)
  • Beware of black ice (look out for pavement that appears wet and shiny)
  • Yield to snow plows (do not attempt to pass snow plows)
  • Slow down (do not speed, leave room for braking)
  • Stay on the main roads (drive on the roads most travelled, walk on the paths most travelled)


Inclement weather means increased risk of collisions and slip and fall injuries, both outside and inside. 

We hope that everyone stays safe on the roads and practices safe driving and that pedestrians practice safe walking. 

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