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Disability Claim

Disability can arise as the result of an accident or a medical or psychological condition. The type of disability coverage available to you and the amount available will depend on the terms of your disability insurance policy. The rules for submitting a disability claim to your insurance company can be complicated and difficult to understand and when an insurance company denies a claim it can be difficult to know what to do next. The experienced lawyers at Paciocco & Mellow are available to assist you in getting the disability benefits which you are entitled to.

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Truck Accidents

There are two main forms of compensation available to truck accident victims in Ontario, Statutory Accident Benefits and a lawsuit against the person or persons who caused the truck accident. Statutory Accident Benefits are available to the injured person from his or her own auto insurance company. If the injured person does not have his or her own auto insurance policy, Statutory Accident Benefits could be available from the auto insurance policy of a close family member, the auto insurance policy of the vehicle that the accident victim was riding in at the time of the accident, the auto insurance policy of another vehicle involved in the accident, or the Ontario Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund.

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Motorcycle Accidents

A lawsuit against the person or persons who caused the motorcycle accident is another potential source of compensation for an accident victim. In circumstances where the negligent acts of other persons caused or play a contributing role to the motorcycle accident, the accident victim may be able to sue the negligent person or persons. A motorcycle accident victim can claim damages for pain and suffering, income loss, and expenses that have or will be incurred as a result of the car accident including for housekeeping, maintenance, medical treatments, medical devices and attendant care.

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